Bookkeeping Procedure

The Bookkeeping System of the school is as follows:  All funds collected in the name of the school or any organizations of the school are to be deposited with the bookkeeper in the office.  Failure to do this on the part of any individual (pupil or teacher) will automatically make that individual responsible should anything concerning the funds come into question.

Under no circumstances are funds to be accepted by any organization or the office without the receipt being given and recorded.  An account is set up for each organization.  The supervising teacher and the principal must approve all expenditures.  All purchases must be placed on purchase orders and approved by the principal prior to purchase.  All monies should be turned in to the office the day they are collected before 2:00 p.m.

A $20.00 service charge will be charged to checks that are returned by the bank.  Also if two (2) or more checks are returned, we will deal with those parties on a cash basis only.