Child Nutrition Guide

Drive Thru Lunch and Breakfast meals will begin Monday, August 17th. Each of the 7 Monroe County Public School sites will be serving student meals each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-12:30.
-On Monday's & Wednesday's students will receive 2 Breakfast and 2 Lunches per child
-On Fridays students will receive 1 breakfast and 1 lunch per child.

When you arrive at the Drive Thru please have a written list of the first & last name and grade(s) of the students for which you are picking up meals. THIS IS A NEW REQUIREMENT that has been mandated by USDA for all students.

Parents, if you have children at multiple schools, you CAN and SHOULD get all meals at any ONE of the 7 LOCATIONS instead of traveling from site to site.

Each site will require that your student's name appear on the county-wide school roster before a meal is passed out. If you are working with the families in your community to pick up meals for multiple families, please remember that we MUST HAVE the name, grade, and school for each of the children before you can receive those meals every time you come.

Thank you so very much for your patience during this time and as before please remain in your car as you drive thru.

Steve Lancaster, CNP Director, [email protected]

Schools' “grab-and-go” meals start Monday